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Book wildly fun team 幸运飞行艇168官方开奖结果-幸运飞行艇飞开艇历史记录查询s with expert hosts

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Seriously, your team will love us too!

Your experience will exceed expectations.

Our creative team has designed hundreds of team experiences that follow proven frameworks like Team Building in Stealth Mode so that it doesn't feel forced and scaffolding to maximize participation and engagement

The result? 96.4% of clients say our experiences match or exceed expectations. Plus, we've earned 56,000+ five star reviews on Google and 20,000+ on other platforms. Your team will love it too.

exceed expectations

Your host is an expert facilitator and happy employee.

Becoming a host isn't easy. We review hundreds of applicants for every opening and only hire the best of the best. Then, hosts join a supportive ecosystem of trainers, managers and peers to learn experience management, group dynamics, active engagement, voice projection and more.

Our hosts are employees with competitive pay, perks and benefits, and do ongoing training to stay sharp. This approach is unusual for a team building company and with the rest of our team is 90% of the reason we lead the industry. The other 10%? Our dope domain.

world class team building hosts

Our team has your back.

Want to talk through your event plan? Let's jump on a call. Need to reschedule? We have flexible bookings. Something not perfect during your experience? We will fix it within minutes.

One of our company core values is Got Your Back, which means every team member from a new hire up through the executive leadership will have yours. So, you can roll into your event worry-free - sit back, relax, and participate in the experience with your team!

got your back


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  • Our expert host leads the experience
  • Your team says "I thought this was going to be another boring team building event, but it was actually really fun!”

"It was AMAZING. Everyone had a great time."

It was more engaging than I thought it was going to be and everyone LOVED it. Lots of other teams asked what we were doing and who we used for this so hopefully, we stirred up some business for you.

Thanks for everything and being super flexible this whole time!


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"It was one of the best events they have ever attended."

I heard about this group from a Googler on the Creative Lab team, who had recently taken a Museum Hack tour at The Met with her team and RAVED about it. I now understand why. I took my team this week as I felt we were over-indexing on work and under-indexing on fun, and they said it was one of the best events they have ever attended. And most of them want to do it again with their significant others. I thought I would send you this note to further evangelize the talented and brilliant group of people at Museum Hack!


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"I've had nothing but amazing feedback about the event."

The Guac Off was sooo much fun!! The whole team enjoyed the experience and I’ve had nothing but amazing feedback about the event.

Michael was an absolute delight; very personable and engaging. It was a pleasure meeting him and working with both of you!!

I don’t have any kind of constructive criticism or anything I can think that needs to be improved. 15/10 🙂 Will recommend to our other groups!!


Giovanna C icon

"I would certainly do it again."

Tasia and team were awesome—the team had an amazing time and everyone agreed it was great fun! Our receptionist in the lobby actually told me a lot of team members that went by commented what a great time it was. I’ve given her the info in case anyone else here asks for recommendations for team building in future, as I would certainly do it again (and we may have to next year).


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"We had a wonderful time."

We had a wonderful time. Several people have already told me that they want to go again on a regular ticketed tour with friends or family… I even got a comment from one team member that said he was really skeptical about spending 3 hours walking around an art museum but he found it really engaging and had a really fun time!

I especially appreciated getting some of the background on the art that your average person wouldn’t know just by looking at it.


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