Updated: September 07, 2023

9 Best Business VPNs for Work in 2023

This is a list of the top business VPNs for work.

A VPN or virtual private network is a second network connection layer that runs through a different server to encrypt internet data and traffic. A VPN protects your personal information, hides your IP address, and allows you to circumvent censorship, content limits, and website limitations. A business VPN offers the same functions as consumer VPNs, but with additional features like protecting the business’s privacy and providing extra security against monitoring or hacking. Users can browse the internet anonymously and safely through the VPN’s data encryption and server routing.

These tools offer methods of doing remote work securely and are often part of work from home policy best practices. Like employee monitoring software, these programs offer organizations extra security in the virtual workspace.

This article contains:

  • VPNs for small businesses
  • corporate VPNs
  • VPNs for teams

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List of the best business VPNs for work

A reliable business VPN is essential for both small and large organizations. Your online data requires protection, particularly if you have employees who work from home or often access confidential information. As long as you have hidden IPs and robust private security, you can connect securely without worrying about compromise. The best virtual private networks (VPNs) protect your internet connection by encrypting it using industry-standard protocols and offer fast, secure, and reliable service. If you are looking for top business-oriented VPNs to boost productivity and collaboration at work, the following are the options you should consider.

1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a user-friendly VPN service known for its simplicity and approachability. The software is designed to make VPN technology accessible to many users, including individuals and small businesses. With its intuitive user interface, TunnelBear ensures that even beginners can navigate it easily. As a bonus, the bear-themed graphics and simple design add to its charm. TunnelBear supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and it offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

In terms of security, TunnelBear uses strong encryption protocols to safeguard user data. The platform has a strict no-logs policy, assuring users that their online activities remain private. The service offers both free and paid plans. The free version comes with a monthly data cap and is suitable for occasional users, while the paid plans provide higher data limits, faster speeds, and access to servers in multiple countries. TunnelBear also caters to businesses through its “TunnelBear for Teams” offering, which includes a central management dashboard for administrators.

Check out TunnelBear.

2. Check Point

Check Point is a cybersecurity company known for its comprehensive network security solutions. The platform provides a wide range of security products, including VPN solutions. One notable aspect of Check Point’s VPN solutions is their integration with the broader security platform. Check Point often pairs their VPNs with Next-Generation Firewalls and threat prevention systems, offering a holistic approach to network security.

Check Point’s VPNs come with advanced security features, including encryption, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, and application control. These features all aim to protect network traffic. The platform also offers remote access VPNs for secure connections for remote and mobile users. Thus, users can always gain secure access to organizational networks. Additionally, Check Point supports site-to-site VPNs, which securely connect multiple organizational locations.

For administrators, Check Point offers central management and reporting tools. This platform simplifies the configuration and monitoring of VPN connections and network security policies. The scalability of Check Point’s VPN solutions makes them suitable for organizations of varying sizes. Further, Check Point incorporates threat intelligence into security solutions, ensuring organizations stay informed about emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

In summary, Check Point’s VPN solutions are part of a broader security system. This feature makes the firm an ideal choice for businesses seeking holistic network security along with strong VPN capabilities. Companies can work try out Check Point through a free trial and contact the firm directly for further pricing.

Learn more about Check Point.

3. Perimeter 81

Small and medium-sized enterprises searching for corporate VPNs should consider using Perimeter 81, one of the best business VPNs currently available. Perimeter 81 requires a minimum of five team members and thus might not be the best option for a sole proprietor. With this tool, you may extend your network security service to meet business demands without incurring increasingly high hardware costs with a cloud-based solution.

Perimeter 81 has a fantastic client that works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Linux 64, and Chromebooks, allowing you to control your network and team settings from a single interface. In addition, the software supports OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols, automated WiFi security and a zero-trust network to keep your data safe. This VPN software also boosts privacy and efficiency and mitigates data loss and IT security by delivering a single interconnected platform.

Perimeter 81 provides a software-defined perimeter (SDPs) to restrict network access by providing system control. The company’s SDP solutions make cloud migration more manageable and secure in environments such as IaaS and PaaS. In addition, the two-factor authentication is seamless regardless of the working environment, even with mobile devices connected to public WiFi.

There is excellent customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee with Perimeter 81, which means you can check and be sure that the product will work perfectly with your current system. Despite being a good business VPN, Perimeter 81 does not cost a fortune. The VON provider offers three plans depending on the business needs, starting at only $8 per team member each month.

To find out more, check out Perimeter 81 VPN.

4. Encrypt.me

Encrypt.me is a corporate VPN service that allows limitless devices on one package, a rare but appreciated feature. This feature allows you to have many devices under one VPN’s protection.

Encrypt.me works over different platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, and Amazon. The VPN software is easy to set up, and the DNS leak prevention, private endpoints and the auto-secure feature ensures strong security. Content filtering is also available, enabling you to prohibit your employees from accessing certain content on the network.

Encrypt.me is a fantastic value for the money, particularly when you consider getting unlimited connections for $16 per month. There is, however, some user activity logging and the windows app is somewhat dated. The provider offers a two-week trial, so you might want to test it to see if it works for you.

Learn more about Encrypt.me.

5. IpVanish

IPVanish’s primary market are consumers, so the VPN works excellently for single users and small enterprises. With its new unlimited connections package, you could cover all of your company’s devices. However, keep in mind that you must share one account within a single workplace or household.

If you are looking for a robust, customizable, and cross-platform program, then this provider is for you. The VPN works on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and other platforms. If you have any troubles with the service, then you can contact IPVanish’s 24/7 customer care. Large enterprises with more business-specific needs will not get static IP addresses and unified invoicing for multiple accounts.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable VPN, IPVanish is excellent. However, if you require the extra services that business-oriented VPNs provide, you might need to look further.

Learn more about IPVanish

6. VyprVPN

It is reasonable to say that VyprVPN is one of the safest VPN services available. In addition to offering a broad range of safe tunneling protocols and a verified no-logs policy, the VPN uses military-grade encryption. VyprVPN also owns its servers, ensuring better maintenance and more anonymity, since no third parties are part of the process.

VyprVPN would be an ideal solution for your business visits in China and other countries with strict internet restrictions because of its patented Chameleon protocol. VyprVPN’s commercial edition also includes a personal account manager and round-the-clock customer assistance.

Business and Business Cloud are two separate editions of VyprVPN’s business editions. The business package only offers a dedicated account manager and multiple user options. The business cloud option has a dedicated IP address and dedicated server. Business cloud also offers support for DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and VirtualBox.

The Business plan starts at $299 per year, while the Business Cloud option costs at least $349 per year. The accounts have three users, including the account owner. For $99.99 a year, you can add an extra user to your account.

Get more information on VyprVPN

7. PureVPN

With PureVPN, your workforce may connect to the company’s network remotely. The VPN software includes features like a kill switch and port forwarding. The auto-connect setting allows the VPN to activate automatically when the device connects to an unfamiliar WiFi network. Users get access to thousands of servers in different locations. There is also a 24-hour business VPN support option accessible with PureVPN.

PureVPN offers up to 50 VPN accounts and 50 dedicated IP addresses in its default plan. However, you may set up more accounts by contacting customer service for business customers. PureVPN is the first VPN to have an Always-On Audit. An auditing firm like KPMG International Limited can undertake a surprise audit at any moment with no prior warning.

VPNs for Teams and Dedicated IP VPN subscriptions are available. Depending on how many other subscribers you have, it might cost anywhere from $8.45 per month to $6.76 per month to add a new member to your Teams subscription. Dedicated IP VPNs cost between $9.99 and $8.79 a month to add an additional user. It costs $399 a month to use a dedicated VPN service for Teams.

Check out PureVPN

8. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPNs for small businesses. Businesses and individuals alike use Hotspot Shield’s VPN service. The Catapult Hydra tunneling mechanism of this VPN, which has won Ookla’s Speedtest certification, provides excellent speed. In addition, this VPN’s business plan offers dedicated servers and round-the-clock customer service.

Only small and medium-sized organizations should use Hotspot Shield VPN since there can only be a total of 20 users. In contrast, most other comparable VPNs allow you to create 50+ user profiles. Due to its ease of use, Hotspot Shield is a good choice for folks who are just getting started with a virtual private network. The VPN is also one of the more affordable options, with a monthly fee of $19.99.

Learn more about Hotspot Shield.

9. TorGuard Business VPN

TorGuard Business VPN takes great pride in the amount and variety of dedicated IP addresses it provides. Therefore, you should have no trouble accessing websites or collaborating with colleagues worldwide.

Even on the most basic plan, you will have access to three dedicated IP addresses, which means that you will not have any downtime, yet get additional protection. TorGuard will also provide you with a specialized account manager who will be available to you around the clock. The VPN is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Safari and Firefox extensions are also available.

Check out Torguard business VPN.

What features should you look for in a corporate VPN?

You may find it challenging to choose the best business VPN if you have not tried one already. Before making a financial commitment to any business VPN, consider the following factors:

  • Security: Choosing a safe VPN service is critical when purchasing a VPN for business use. It is important to know the VPN’s reputation, no-logs policy, and secure tunneling technologies such as OpenVPN.
  • Features: Before you buy a VPN, think about what you need it to do for you. Not all business VPNs monitor employee activity, and other VPNs do not even have servers in certain countries.
  • Price: An enterprise virtual private network is an investment with which you should not be stingy. Nonetheless, consumers should exercise caution when making VPN purchases. If you are paying for features you do not need, then it may be time to look elsewhere.
  • Speed: If you work in customer service or participate in many online meetings, you will need a fast internet connection. Consequently, you should opt for a VPN that uses fast tunneling protocols like WireGuard.
  • Usability: Since not everyone is tech-savvy, a VPN for business that is simple to set up and use is essential. Usability matters, particularly in companies with a large number of workers.
  • Centralized user administration: If you use a VPN for your company, it should provide an easy-to-use user administration interface. It should be simple to add additional users to the account.

You need to protect your company’s sensitive data at all costs. A VPN with the highest degree of security is important. Quality management software or a specialist account manager are essential since you will be managing several accounts at once for different team members.

Why use a business VPN at work?

Using a VPN at work is a good idea for the following reasons:

1. Follow compliance guidelines

Some industries may have specific compliance regulations, and using a VPN may help them accomplish these goals. Compliance refers to aligning an organization’s activities and policies with relevant laws, regulations, industry standards, and internal guidelines. Compliance is a crucial aspect of business operations, ensuring that a company operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

Compliance efforts promote transparency, accountability, and responsible conduct. Additionally, using a VPN may mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance. By adhering to compliance requirements, businesses demonstrate their commitment to ethical and lawful operations. This adherence can result in improved trust, reduced legal risks, and sustained business success.

2. Get over censorship rules in the workplace

You can circumvent web filtering at work by connecting to a virtual private network (VPN). With a VPN, you can visit any site while at work. However, there are other usages to consider. Aside from questionable websites, some businesses restrict access to social media, such as Facebook and YouTube.

An extremely restrictive business policy will not stop you from using YouTube to check a presentation or manage your organization’s social media pages with a VPN. You should, of course, exercise your best judgment when navigating a corporate policy.

3. Minimize workplace monitoring

Your workplace may have a flexible browsing policy, meaning employees can visit any page. However, you may have to deal with supervisors checking internet history or monitoring the employee’s online activity.

Many organizations do not object if employees check their personal email during lunch or breaks. Having a VPN limits workplace monitoring and micromanagement, which means employees can go about their daily tasks without worrying. The VPN protects your information from the company, even if you are on their network.

Here are more ways to deal with micromanaging bosses.

4. Access company files safely and securely from a remote location

Corporate data security is not a major concern while using a company computer on a company network. However, if you are using a VPN to view corporate data from your personal computer, especially if you work remotely, you protect your firm’s confidential information.

5. Hide your identity on public WiFi

You might be away from home when your employer unexpectedly hands you an important assignment. You might have to find a public WiFi to use. Several security risks are involved with public WiFi, including data breaches and malware attacks. Personal and professional use of public WiFi networks is not advisable.

The alternative is to have a VPN. While utilizing public WiFi, the VPN hides your identity to operate in a safe and secure environment.

6. Get more security for online transactions

Almost everyone has made a purchase online with WiFi. The Internet makes business transactions easier and more convenient. However, an insecure internet connection might leave your identity or transaction details exposed to hackers, which might be devastating. VPNs offer an extra security layer to keep you protected when performing online transactions.

7. Ensure safe transmission and reception of data

Sending and receiving critical digital information is common in almost every organization or sector. Ideally, you should only view these sensitive data over a secure connection, and a VPN may help you achieve that goal.

Using a VPN might help your consumers or clients feel safer while you gather their personal information. A firm that goes above and beyond to safeguard its customers’ data will earn the trust of its customers.


There are several advantages to using an excellent VPN service for your business. If you want to keep your private information safe and conduct international market research and make business visits more efficient, then a virtual private network (VPN) is the way to go. Choosing a dependable VPN service is essential since a shoddy one might do more damage than good. The tools on our list are from reliable organizations that care about users’ safety.

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FAQ: Business VPNs

Here are some frequently asked questions about business VPNs.

What are business VPNs?

Business VPNs protect business data by ensuring a secure company network and internet connection. Businesses can get excellent privacy and security with VPNs.

Why should you use a VPN?

Some of the reasons to use VPNs include anonymity on the internet, protecting company data from surveillance, and ensuring security with online transactions.

What are the best VPNs for small businesses?

Some of the best VPNs for small businesses include ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and Hotspot Shield.

What are some good VPNs for remote work?

Some of the best VPNs for remote work include Perimeter 81, Tor Guard, and Vypr VPN.

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