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15 Fun Easter Team Building Activities for the Office in 2023

You found our list of the best Easter team building activities.

Easter falls in March or April. Easter team building activities are ways to celebrate the holiday with teams at work or at school. For example, trivia, office egg hunts, and visits to animal sanctuaries. The purpose of these exercises is to help teammates have fun and get to know coworkers better while getting into the spirit of the season.

These outings are a type of team building game and  indoor team building activity  and are similar to virtual Easter celebration ideas.

This post includes:

  • Easter games for adults
  • Easter themed team building activities
  • Easter work party ideas
  • Easter ideas for the office

Here we go!

List of Easter team building activities

Here is a list of ideas for celebrating Easter with teams at work.

1. Office Easter Egg Hunt

An office Easter egg hunt is one of the easiest Easter work party ideas. While you could hide real eggs or plastic eggs around the office, it is much less disruptive to hide paper eggs. Simply print out or cut out paper eggs, and hide the decorations in obvious and non-obvious spots around the office. Participants must list the locations of all eggs or snap and submit a photo of each egg. For maximum team bonding and problem solving, have staff work in teams to complete the hunt. The team who finds the most eggs wins a prize.

For inspiration, here is a list of scavenger hunt clues and a collection of photo scavenger hunt ideas.

2. Word Search

Instead of hunting for eggs, participants can hunt for Easter words. Word searches make fantastic icebreaker games. You can give coworkers handouts and award a prize to the first team that completes the search, leave the search in the break room for employees to work on together, or project the puzzle on a screen at the start of a meeting.

Here is a template we made for your game:

Check out this list of vocabulary games.

3. Egg Decorating

Egg Decorating is one of the most obvious Easter themed team building activities. Simply set up an egg-decorating station and give teams time to create masterpieces with their peers. To dye actual eggs, pre-boil a few dozen eggs and let cool, then set up cups with egg dye or paints and brushes. You can hard boil eggs more quickly and efficiently by using an instant pot.

Or, for a less messy alternative, get paper mâché eggs or cut egg shapes out of paper and let coworkers craft. To make the activity more adult-appropriate you can invite an artist to show the group how to create more upscale eggs. Or, you can let participants unleash their creativity and inner-child and decorate however. The pro to this fake egg approach is that you can set up a team bulletin board or art gallery to display the projects, and the pieces can double as office decoration.

To improve decorating skills, here is a list of online group art classes.

4. Easter Trivia

Trivia is one of the best Easter games for adults. To do this competition, first gather or create holiday-themed categories or questions. Then, split the office into teams and challenge each team to answer the questions. Players can compete live by buzzing in with answers or showing answers to an emcee, or you can give groups forms to fill out and award points or prizes based on speed and accuracy.

Here are some Easter trivia questions to start with:

Get more general trivia questions for work.

5. Easter Office Bingo

Easter Bingo is a social game that gets coworkers mingling and learning more about each other. To play the game, give participants randomized Bingo cards. To mark off squares, players must talk to peers and match the names of coworkers with the descriptions. For larger groups, participants cannot repeat colleagues’ names on the card. The first player or team to get five squares in a row wins the game.

You can play this activity as a meeting warmup, part of a party, or throughout the workday.

Here is a template:

Check out this icebreaker Bingo generator for more card options.

6. Chocolate Tasting

Easter is the top selling holiday for chocolates, which makes doing a chocolate tasting one of the most appropriate (and delicious) Easter team building activities for work. To set up a tasting, find a chocolate sampling experience at a nearby chocolate maker, invite a chocolatier or chef to lead a class, or DIY your own kits by making and trying an assortment of truffles or bars. Then, gather participants and share impressions as you sample.

Here is a list of virtual chocolate tasting experiences.

7. Brunch

Team meals are one of the easiest ways to celebrate an occasion, and brunch is one of the best Easter work party ideas. Either make a reservation at a restaurant, order catering and set up a buffet, or plan a potluck. Then, give teammates time to make a plate and make conversation with colleagues. Team lunches are one of the most meaningful team building ideas because most folks appreciate free food, and communal meals give coworkers a chance to get to know each other better and bond.

Here are some ideas to take an office Easter brunch to the next level:

  • Bagel buffet
  • Mimosa bar
  • Bunny-shaped foods (like pancakes)
  • Omelet station
  • Gourmet coffee tasting

Here is a guide to doing team meals remotely.

8. Goodie Baskets

Handing out goodie baskets is a way to treat the team for Easter. Simply put together packages of goodies such as chocolates, candy, snacks, company swag, stickers and stationary, and other goodies. Umbrellas are good swag choices for spring, since April showers bring May flowers, and sunglasses remind staff that sunshine is on the way soon. Putting any sort of gift in a basket honors the spirit of the season.

Check out this list of swag ideas for employees.

9. Visit an Animal Sanctuary

Easter is associated with cuddly animals like baby chicks, rabbits, and lambs. Living creatures should not be holiday presents, however you can still enjoy the critters in their natural habitats by visiting an animal sanctuary. Employees can enjoy team bonding and animal bonding time by visiting a farm or sanctuary, learning about the organization’s work, and meeting the fuzzy inhabitants. Bonus points if the team performs volunteer work onsite or raises money for the organization.

10. Egg Relay Race

Egg relay races are one of the most fun Easter themed team building activities. To do this group activity, first mark off a section of the hallway, sidewalk, or parking lot as the racetrack. Then, split participants into teams of three or four, and give each team a spoon and an uncooked egg. Team members must balance the egg on a spoon and pass it off to the next teammate without dropping or breaking the egg. The first team to cross the finish line with the egg intact wins the game.

Pro tip: To ensure all racers get a shot at the fun, you can give teams new eggs when eggs break and simply instruct the racer to return back to their starting position and try again.

11. Peep Posing Contest

Marshmallow Peeps are a staple of the Easter season. Besides using these candies as an afternoon snack, you can also ask teams to compete to create elaborate dioramas. For example, reenacting movie scenes or historical events or visiting places like amusement parks or the zoo. Here is a Google search of examples and inspiration.

Start by giving each team a shoebox and a pack or two of Peeps, and let their imaginations run wild. At the end of the activity, have a judge or panel of judges look at the entries and choose a winner.

Pro tip: Take photos and have a gallery of contestant entries so that the whole office can enjoy the creations.

For more ideas, check out this list of office contests.

12. Bunny Run

Bunny runs are fun runs you can complete as a team. Runners don bunny ears and run a set distance. Creating costumes is part of the fun. While some runners simply plop on headbands, others go all out and sew cotton tails onto tutus or run in full bunny suits. You and your team can enter an existing local bunny run or organize your own event. Participants can race against each other or can fundraise for a philanthropy, and employees who do not want to run can cheer on coworkers from the sidelines.

Check out more team workout ideas.

13. Spring Drink Happy Hour

Spring drink happy hours are one of the best Easter ideas for the office. During this event, your staff can come together to sip special drinks, chat, and play games together. You can whip up a few special themed cocktails and mocktails for the occasion, for instance lavender lemonade or peep martinis. For a more hands-on approach, turn the event into a mixology lesson where teammates can learn how to mix up fun and fancy spring drinks.

For tips, here is a guide to doing team happy hours virtually.

14. Holi

Holi is an Indian festival that celebrates spring and typically falls within a few weeks of Easter. The event is nicknamed the “festival of colors,” because the typical way to celebrate the occasion is to throw colored powders. Both Easter and Holi use bright colors and celebrate spring, and throwing a Holi event is an unexpected yet appropriate way to ring in the season. These festivals are messy and fun and are a good way to let loose while expanding their cultural horizons.

Traditionally, participants wear white clothing to Holi so that the colors show up better. Providing T-shirts is a nice touch and a way to commemorate the occasion. Put color powder in plastic baggies and hand out these packets to participants. Then, gather outside and let the colors fly!

Pro tip: Since Holi gets messy, you should probably hold the celebration at the end of the day so that teammates do not track powder throughout the office. Plastic garbage bags are useful to hand out for keeping car seats clean until participants can get home and get showered.

15. Rubber Duck Races

Rubber duck races are one of the most creative Easter games for adults. Typically, rubber duck races happen at public lakes, rivers, or waterfalls and often raise money for charity. Participants place numbered ducks in the water, and the first duck to float over the designated finish line wins the race. You can encourage a friendly competition between departments and have teams decorate their ducks for extra fun and group bonding.

If there is not a nearby body of water that you can use, the climate is too cold, or if this method is too logistical, then you can hold an indoor duck race instead. First, collect player signups. Next, divide players into even teams of 5 to 8 members. Each team gets a unique rubber duck. The first player receives the duck and a list of team members, and must pass the duck to another member of the team. Each “racer” is required to take a selfie with the duck as proof. The first team to hand off the duck to all members and bring it to the organizer’s office wins the game and a prize.

Final Thoughts

Easter can be a great opportunity to team build. Any holiday celebration offers teammates the chance to get together, relax, celebrate, and forge memories. Easter can be an especially good time for team building because many folks are sick of winter, ready for warmer weather, and in need of a morale boost and some social time. Though the activities on this list are Easter-themed, participants do not need to celebrate or be familiar with the holidays to join in the festivities and be part of the fun.

Next, check out Valentine’s team building, hybrid Halloween activities, and Holiday team building.

FAQ: Easter team building activities

Here are answers to common questions about Easter team building activities.

What are Easter team building activities?

Easter team building activities are group games, exercises, and event ideas that bring coworkers together to celebrate the holiday. For example, egg hunts, egg decorating, and brunch. These activities are spring-themed or relate to Easter traditions.



What are some good Easter team building ideas?

Some good Easter team building ideas include chocolate tasting, brunch, office egg hunts or egg decorating, and visiting an animal sanctuary.

How do you celebrate Easter in the office?

There are many ways to celebrate Easter in the office including throwing parties, playing games like trivia or Bingo, hosting team brunches, and holding competitions like Peep diorama contests and egg relay races.

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