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9 Free Pomodoro Timer & App Websites To Use At Work

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The Pomodoro Method is a time management technique that encourages practitioners to work in 25 minute blocks followed by a short five minute break. Typically, after four cycles, workers take a longer break of 15 minutes. Pomodoro timers are tools that measure the intervals and alert workers when break time arrives. For example, Marinara Timer, Focus Keeper, and Pomodoro Tracker. The purpose of these timers is to enforce accountability and make it easier for workers and students to practice the technique.

Pomodoro timers are a type of time tracking software. Employees can use these tools in conjunction with books on focus, books on time management, and time management tips to improve productivity.

This list includes:

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  • Pomodoro technique apps
  • Pomodoro timer extensions
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  • Pomodoro timer apps

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List of free Pomodoro timer apps

Here is a list of online Pomodoro countdown clocks to help master productivity and time management.

1. Marinara Timer

Marinara Custom Productivity Timer

Marinara Timer is one of the most popular online Pomodoro timers. The website offers three types of tools: a Pomodoro timer, a custom timer, and a timeboxing timer. These options help visitors experiment and find the most suitable time management system. Plus, the countdown clocks can have non-work uses such as cooking, studying, or playing games.

Learn more about Marinara Timer.

2. Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time-tracking software with multiple usage tiers, including a free option. The platform includes a built-in Pomodoro timer to facilitate focused work sessions. Toggl’s Pomodoro timer comes in two formats, a desktop app and a browser extension. Users can opt for the default timings or set up custom cycles, and the program will send alerts when break time arrives. Offices that already use Toggl can take advantage of this handy feature with little fuss, and new users can download and get to work within minutes.

Learn more about Toggl.

3. Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper Productivity App

Focus Keeper is one of the leading free Pomodoro apps. The program has a built in task list so users can keep up with to-do lists while completing work sprints. The app comes with a standard Pomodoro timer, and users can upgrade to the pro version for customizable options. The app also contains tracker tools that tally up daily and weekly sessions and breaks, and with the pro version users can also view a breakdown of time devoted to specific tasks.

Download Focus Keeper on the App Store or Google Play.

4. Pomodoro Tracker

Pomodoro Tracker is an app for Slack that helps to track Pomodoro sessions. The app will automatically update Slack status to show that you are in a work cycle of Pomodoro and will switch on do not disturb settings accordingly. While other Pomodoro trackers aim to keep users on track, this tool helps to eliminate interruptions by deterring teammates from breaking users’ stride.

Download the Pomodoro Tracker, and check out more Slack apps.

5. Pomello

Designed to work in tandem with Trello, Pomello is one of the most useful Pomodoro timer extensions. The app turns Trello cards into Pomodoro tasks by assigning time blocks for each card, and adding cards for breaks so that users view rest time as productive time. The basic version is free, and the premium option is around two dollars a month.

Learn more about Pomello, and check out more project management tools.

6. Tide
Tide Productivity Timer

Tide aims to simultaneously boost productivity and mental wellness. The app includes a standard 25 minute focus timer along with calming background noise and breathing and meditation exercises. The program can also be used to track sleep patterns and improve natural rest. Tide is a great option for anxious employees who get nervous using traditional timers.

Learn more about Tide, and check out more employee wellness ideas.

7. Pomodoro Tracker
Pomodoro Tracker App

Pomodoro Tracker is one of the most basic online Pomodoro tools.This website had a simple 25 minute timer that users can also control via the space bar. The site also allows visitors to manually create a to-do list, or import tasks from an existing list. Users can assign blocks of time to tasks, and the site will estimate a finish time, and users can also schedule tasks for the future.

Learn more about Pomodoro Tracker.

8. Pomatez

Pomatez is a free and open source tool that provides users with the best basics for Pomodoro apps. The platform has customizable timers and task lists, and users can tweak the settings to further fit their needs, for instance, by enabling desktop notifications or minimizing the display. Workers can also program the app with keyboard shortcuts and voice assistance for seamless usage, as well as setting automatic timers. Workaholics can force themselves to take breaks by setting the app to take up full screen during downtime.

Learn more about Pomatez.

9. PomoDone

PomoDone is one of the best Pomodoro timer apps. The app integrates with a variety of productivity tools including Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Slack, Evernote, and calendars, allowing users to import and sync to-do lists across multiple platforms. The program also includes time-tracking features to evaluate the hours spent on different tasks. The app is available for a variety of devices and operating systems, including a browser extension.

Learn more about PomoDone.

Bonus: Low cost pomodoro timer apps

Bear Focus Timer
Bear Focus Timer App

While Bear Focus Timer technically is not free, it is too cute not to include on this list. The cost to download the app is only $1.99. When in use, the app displays a whimsical black and white drawing of a bear named Tom who smiles when you stay on task, frowns when you get distracted, and hikes during breaks. A countdown clock gauges progress, and white noise plays to help with concentration. While most folks are not excited to whip out the Pomodoro clock, this app is sure to spark workday joy.

Download Bear Focus Timer on the App Store.


Forest is one of the most zen Pomodoro technique apps. Instead of displaying a clock, this platform shows a seedling. Users who want to focus start by planting a tree. Workers who stay on task in the app see the tree grow and flourish throughout the stretch of time. However, leaving the app mid-session causes the tree to wither and die. This approach is more constructive, as it gives users a goal to work towards rather than a clock to beat. As a bonus, the company that hosts the app partners with a philanthropy to plant trees in the real world as more people use the app. While the app itself is not free, proceeds go towards a good cause.

Learn more about Forest.


Many professionals struggle with focus and time management, especially when working from home. The apps on this list split big jobs into more manageable intervals and provide built-in milestones that maintain morale and momentum. The Pomodoro method is particularly effective because it normalizes taking breaks. These automatic rests can lessen resistance, procrastination, and burnout, and help professionals be more productive in the long term.

When working remotely, the temptation for time-wasting can be high since there are no coworkers or bosses to take note of the distractions. Pomodoro timer apps keep workers accountable and gently nudge users to stay on task without outright shaming. These tools can be an effective way to manage the workday and workloads. Plus, using these apps can be a group effort that inspires team bonding.

For more hacks and systems, check out this list of habits books.

FAQ: Pomodoro timers

Here are answers to common questions about Pomodoro timers.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management tactic where workers focus for 25 minute intervals before taking a five minute break. A fifteen minute break usually follows the fourth successful cycle of work. Folks use this method to boost productivity and focus for prolonged periods. Work and study are the two most popular reasons for using the Pomodoro method

Does the Pomodoro Method work?

The Pomodoro Method breaks bigger tasks into smaller cycles and encourages measured break-taking, which can be helpful for folks who get overwhelmed easily or have trouble focusing for extended periods of time.

Where can I find a free Pomodoro timer?

Places to find free Pomodoro timer include Pomodoro Tracker, Marinara Timer, Focus Keeper, and Forest.

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