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15 Fun Video Call Games to Play with Colleagues in 2023

You found our list of fun video call games.

Video call games are activities you can play over Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and other conference call platforms. Example games include virtual trivia, scavenger hunts, and Bingo. The purpose of these games is to relax, have fun and promote team building. These activities are also called “video conference games.”

These games are the parent category of Zoom games, Skype games and Webex games. Many of these examples are also virtual team building activities for work, team building ideas for conference calls and online group games.

This list includes:

  • video conference games to play with colleagues
  • games to play on video call with friendss
  • fun conference call games for the office

So, here is the list.

List of games to play on video call

Below, I’ve included fun games to play over video conferencing.

1. Chubby Bunny 🐰

Chubby Bunny is a classic game from many of our childhoods, that is also easy to adapt for video conference calls. To play, each person puts a large marshmallow in their mouth and then says the words “chubby bunny.” The players that say “chubby bunny” successfully then add a second marshmallow to their mouth and try to say it again. You repeat this process until a team member is unable to say the words.

chubby bunny score card

Chubby Bunny works well for virtual conference call games because it combines the ability to see, speak and hear with something fun and tangible.

This list has more virtual minute-to-win-it style games.

2. Online Office Games (Fully Hosted)

Online Office Games is a fully facilitated video conference game for remote workers. For this activity, we bring your people on a video call for 90 minutes, and play a series of fun games and challenges. For example, we include team formations, trivia and communication games like “Can your hear me now?”

Video Conference Games banner

Online Office Games takes place over a secure video conference line that we provide. For your event, we provide both an energetic host to keep your people engaged and a co-host to manage the technical aspects. The games are fun, active, and a great way to bring your people together.

Learn more about Online Office Games.

3. War of the Wizards (Popular)

War of the Wizards is a 90 minute online role-playing game, that is like a very simplified Dungeons & Dragons. The game is popular with pro-gamers and amateurs a like, and focusses on fun mechanics like storytelling and problem solving.

War of the Wizards banner

Our experienced host leads the game on a secure video call line that we provide. The game dynamics promote communication, collaboration and teamwork.

Learn more about War of the Wizards.

4. Video Conference Trivia

Video Conference Trivia is an easy way to get started with online conference games. To plan your team trivia event, source a set of questions and then run the trivia pub-style. You can read out the questions and the first person on the conference call to answer correctly wins one point.

Here are some fun Video Conference Trivia themes:

  • Countries of the world
  • Name that YouTube tune
  • Things I found on Google Street View
  • Podcast quiz
  • Wikipedia adventure

You can create questions from each source to help create a fun theme for your trivia. Here is a guide to running your trivia game.

5. Three Little Pigs 🐖

Three Little Pigs is one of those fun conference call games you can play with a wide range of teams. To organize this game:

  1. Challenge each participant on the call to build the best pig-house they can in three little minutes. Players may use any materials they have within grabbing distance of their desk.
  2. Introduce an external force, like a deep huff and puff to blow each house down. Continue making the huff and puff blow stronger from level 1 to level 10.
  3. Any houses that remain standing at level 10 get one point.

Three Little Pigs is a fun game for teams that like crafts, puzzles, strategy, competition and more.

6. Sip-Sip

Sip-Sip is a fun game you can play on conference calls with your coworkers. To organize this game, choose one, unsuspecting, person as the trigger. When that person takes a sip of a drink, all other team members simultaneously take a sip of their drinks as well. The game continues until the trigger realizes what is happening.

Here are more online drinking games for Zoom and FaceTime.

7. 10 Minute Business

10 Minute Business is a conference call game that challenges teams with entrepreneurial thinking and business strategy development.

To play this game with remote teams:

  1. Form teams of four to five people each and put them in breakout rooms to work together.
  2. Provide 10 minutes for each team to develop a new business concept and pitch. You can provide a theme like “upgraded lemonade stand” or “zero labor required” or similar.
  3. Bring all of your people back to a main call and have each team present their idea.

Award prizes for the best ideas, and use the game as a platform to start talking about entrepreneurial values and decision making.

This list has more improv games for work.

8. Never Have YOU Ever

Many people are familiar with the game “Never Have I Ever”, which is easily adapted to video calls. This version is a little different, where you still start with five fingers showing but instead of sharing something about yourself, you name something that a specific team member hasn’t done. For example, “Bobby, never have you ever eaten carrots with peanut butter.”

If Bobby has in fact mixed carrots and peanut butter then he puts a finger down, along with anyone else that has this shared experience, and the person asking puts a finger up, to a maximum of five. Then, the next player goes. The game ends when only one player has fingers remaining up.

Here are more small group ice breaker games and a list of get to know you questions.

9. Office Spirit Day

Office Spirit Day is a video call game that brings the fun of high school spirit days to the workplace. To get started, designate a theme for the day for your team to dress up as. Then, your team votes for the member whose outfit best fits the theme. The person who receives the most votes wins.

Some Office Spirit Day themes to try are:

  • Pajama Day
  • Fancy Dress Day
  • Disney Prince/Princess Day
  • Dress Like a Pirate Day
  • Twin Day
  • Flannel Day
  • Celebrity Day
  • 50’s Day
  • Dress Like an Animal Day

Office Spirit Day is a great way to bring everyone together because it encourages employees to express themselves through their outfits. Not to mention, your team can bond over the more ridiculous or silly ensembles.

Here are ideas for virtual spirit week.

10. What’s On My Desk?

What’s On My Desk? is a game, where your team guesses whose desk is pictured based on their knowledge of coworkers. To play, ask your team to submit a photo of their desk, and upload the photos to a shared space that everyone can access. Then, employees guess the owners of the desks. The winner is the team member with the most correct guesses.

What’s On My Desk? is excellent for team building because employees can learn surprising things about each other through the memorabilia on their desks. And, if coworkers learn that they have some hobbies or other shared interests, then it may help them bond in the future.

11. Dance Off

Dance Off is a lively video conference activity that gets your team out of their seats and is a great stress reliever. Prior to the Dance Off, compile a playlist of music that is fun to dance to. Then, on the day of the Dance Off, everyone shows off their dance skills in the same virtual meeting room. The winner is whoever receives the most votes as the group’s best dancer.

Since Dance Off is a more active team building game, it can help spur engagement by giving your team a break through a rush of endorphins. And, since dancing is not usually a skill often showcased at work, Dance Off is also a fun opportunity to learn more about your coworkers.

12. Workout Challenge

Workout Challenge is a game inspired by the viral “See 10, Do 10” Instagram challenge. To play, one team member tags another to do ten push ups. When that person finishes, they tag the next person until everyone has completed ten push ups. However, if someone neglects to do ten push ups, that person buys everyone else a coffee.

Workout Challenge is a superb game for teams that want to add a bit of fitness to their workday. Because everyone participates, this exercise pushes employees to be accountable for ten push ups, and may even help them build strength for more push ups in their free time.

Here are more team workout ideas.

13. Umm True?!

ummm true banner

Umm True?! is a rapidfire quiz game for teams. For 60 minutes, players wager guesses at 50/50 trivia questions, all while learning fascinating facts and socializing with remote teammates.

Learn more about Umm True?!

14. Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual murder mysteries are often cryptic, and usually fun games you can play over video conference. To play, you can either start with a game template and host the event yourself, or you can work with an outside company to run the murder mystery for you. This activity is great for video calls because it mostly relies on speaking and listening.

Here is a list of free virtual murder mystery games you can start with.

15. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are another popular game for video calls. These games can take a variety of formats, but the most popular are either solving clues and puzzles via PDF, videos and other media, or having a host do a screen-share of an actual escape room. There are both free and paid online escape games available.

Check out this list of the best virtual escape rooms.

Final Thoughts

Many games exist that are perfect for playing on video conference calls, for example virtual happy hour games and online team building activities, and communication games for work.

You can invent your own games for video conference calls too! Customizing an experience to your match your team’s interests and personalities is a great way to boost employee engagement.

Next, check out our list of games to play on Microsoft Teams, this list of FaceTime games and these Google Meet games.

We also have a list of Zoom improv games for work, a list of virtual meeting games, this list of DIY online office games, and list of ways to make virtual work meetings fun.

FAQ: Video call games

Here are some of the common questions about playing games over video conference platforms.

What are video conference games?

Video conference games are games you can play over video platforms like Zoom, Webex, Meet and Teams. These games typically include both audio and visual elements. These activities are also known as “video call games.”

What are some examples of games you can play over video conference?

Three popular video conference games are: Never Ever YOU Ever, Chubby Bunny and Three Little Pigs. However, most games can be adapted to video in some way.

What makes games successful over video calls?

The best games played over video calls tend to have elements of both visual cues and auditory signals. For example, in Never Have YOU Ever or Five Fingers, each player is holding a hand up in front of the screen. In the Questions Game, players take turns asking each other questions.

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