Updated: August 31, 2023

27 Customer Service Software for Business in 2023

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Customer service software is a collection of technologies that gather, manage, reply to, and report on customer assistance requests. Examples include Hiver, Podium, and Helpshift. The software aims to ensure quick and efficient support from the company’s customer service agents.

These platforms are similar to project management software and task management software for work.

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List of customer service software

You can run customer support software from various channels, including email, live chat, messaging, and self-service. You can also integrate the service with third-party messaging platforms, such as social networking and instant messaging. The following are some of the best customer service apps and software.

1. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a powerful platform that offers IT service management and enterprise service management solutions. The software streamlines and automates various business processes, including IT support, customer service, and HR. The firm focuses on process automation, incident and problem management, and a user-friendly interface. ServiceNow lets organizations efficiently manage and resolve service-related issues while improving overall service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about ServiceNow.

2. Comm100

Comm100 is a versatile customer engagement platform that provides live chat, email marketing, and helpdesk solutions. The software helps businesses enhance customer interactions with real-time live chat on their websites. Additionally, Comm100’s email marketing capabilities allow for targeted and personalized customer outreach. Further, the helpdesk functionality assists in efficient ticket management and customer issue resolution.

Learn more about Comm100.

3. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a live chat software that facilitates instant communication between businesses and their website visitors. The software enables real-time interactions, letting companies engage with customers while they browse the website. Pure Chat’s user-friendly interface and customizable chat widgets make it easy for businesses to manage live chat on their websites. These features enhance customer support and sales conversion efforts.

Learn more about Pure Chat.

4. Helpy

Helpy is an open-source helpdesk and knowledge-base software. This platform enables businesses to provide efficient customer support and self-service options. The software offers features like ticket management, community forums, and knowledge base creation. These features help companies gather all customer questions into one place and provide useful information for common problems. Helpy is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking for a comprehensive support system with customizable features.

Learn more about Helpy.

5. WhosOn

WhosOn is a live chat and visitor tracking software that helps businesses engage with website visitors in real-time. Through live chat, businesses can assist visitors with questions, provide information, and guide them toward desired actions. WhosOn’s visitor tracking features offer insights into user behavior and navigation patterns. These data points enable companies to tailor their interactions and improve the online experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and conversions.

Learn more about WhosOn.

6. Olark

Olark live chat is a fantastic option if your team needs to have real-time conversations with clients. This software is perfect for startups since it is as effective as phone assistance but costs much less. Olark’s many features, including team management, sophisticated analytics, and smart automation, make it suitable for almost any group’s requirements.

No long-term commitment is necessary for most Olark plans, and you may upgrade or downgrade as needed. This option is perfect for smaller teams since it allows subscribers to choose the required functionality.

Learn more about Olark.

7. Gong

Gong is an exceptional software that may teach your agents to have more pleasant interactions with customers. The software has features for analyzing customer-service rep phone chats. Agents may see their sentiment analysis reports that evaluate the quality of a conversation and the ratio of time spent speaking to time spent listening. Discussions between agents log automatically in the Gong database, so if an agent wishes to check their progress, they may do so by reviewing older conversations.

Learn more about Gong.

8. HappyFox

As far as customer service tools go, HappyFox is a competitive option. The software stands apart from the crowd thanks to some nifty bespoke reporting features. HappyFox has superior reporting capabilities, allowing managers to examine indicators like NPS and CSAT to ascertain which agents produce the most excellent results. HappyFox also generates reports on service patterns in general, giving managers the information they need to improve processes.

Learn more about HappyFox.

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24’s customer service CRM software features provide businesses with a central hub for managing and tracking communications with new leads and current clientele. The program helps companies manage client contacts, collect and store lead data, generate sales reports, and divide their target market into specific subsets.

Depending on your needs, the extensive feature set of this customer support software may be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The software is compatible with many popular apps, including Basecamp, MailChimp, and Zoho CRM.

The Bitrix24 CRM interface is comparable to Facebook. With bitrix24, your coworkers can see your invoices, CRM accounts, and leads through their “Active Feeds” and give you feedback.

Learn more about Bitrix24.

10. ConnectWise Control

With ConnectWise Control’s SLA capability, upper management may articulate specific goals for customer service quality. After setting the benchmarks for response times and resolution rates, the platform automatically tracks every ticket and maintains the standard. In cases where a ticket fails to meet the benchmark, the software notifies management to fix the problem. This feature helps your staff decrease possible churn and helps managers create a standard for exceptional customer service.

Learn more about ConnectWise Control.

11. Podium

Podium is a messaging platform that facilitates live interaction with clients. The software provides its own internal channels for communication, allowing your agents to have private conversations between themselves. As a result, when a quick resolution is critical, agents may pool their resources and work together to provide better customer service. Furthermore, Podium’s streamlined handoff capabilities offer a smooth transition from one agent to the next, benefiting both the customer service team and the end user.

Learn more about Podium.

12. AirCall

AirCall is a cloud-based cellular support solution for client service and sales teams. Aircall offers telephone support services to small and mid-sized businesses in 30 countries, customize their numbers for customer care, and transfer calls successfully to the appointed help representative. Customers and employees can make and receive calls through Aircall’s app on PC, Mac, or mobile.

Firms with customer support teams of about five to 50 members would benefit from the features offered by this call support software. Aircall also integrates seamlessly with renowned CRM systems like Zoho and Salesforce, which enables you to integrate your sales employees on the support platform. Aircall provides three paid packages billed monthly or annually, depending on clients’ needs.

Learn more about Aircall.

13. Sprout Social

With Sprout Social, companies can access management tools for their social media interactions. In addition, this helpdesk software has a tool that monitors your social media for queries and comments from clients. With social media rapidly emerging as a foundational service channel, Sprout Social equips your team with all the resources they need to win over your online clientele.

Learn more about Sprout Social.

14. HelpJuice

Helpjuice’s self-service client software allows you to provide immediate responses to your clients’ inquiries while also reducing frequently asked questions. Plus, the platform has a more straightforward user interface, requires minimal pre-implementation preparation, and can be easily adopted by any team.

HelpJuice stands outs in terms of software analytics. You can adjust the software’s internal settings to display just the metrics you care about most prominently on the dashboard. In addition, your team can find out what is and is not functioning with the help of its sophisticated analytics. These qualities and HelpJuice’s intuitive interface and beautiful aesthetic make it a top pick among customer support tools.

Learn more about HelpJuice.

15. SysAid

Unlike most help desk providers, SysAid adopts a modular system for its platform. As a result, users do not have to commit to a full license at once but may add on tools as they see fit. This feature allows you to tailor your SysAid account to your specific needs, saving you money by eliminating subscriptions to components that go unused.

Learn more about SysAid.

16. Team Support

TeamSupport is an excellent customer service software for small businesses. The “Customer Hub” allows users to submit and track requests for customer service. Users get access to your company’s knowledge base and support agents using the same platform they used to contact you. You can manage the service activities of your team from one single location, streamlining the process of keeping consumers up to date.

Learn more about Team Support.

17. Kustomer

Kustomer’s innovative timeline function allows you to see all of your customer data in a single, clear report. Your service representatives will be able to see a customer’s transaction and interaction history, allowing them to better cater to each individual’s needs. Further, all interactions in Kustomer occur in a single thread, regardless of location.

Learn more about Kustomer.

18. Pipefy

Pipefy provides customer support solutions and includes resources that assist your customer success team function more effectively. For example, the software’s onboarding template gives an actionable blueprint that agents may follow to onboard new clients. This feature establishes a systematic method of communication that ensures a unified onboarding program. Additionally, when onboarding is straightforward and simple, you can reduce early turnover.

Learn more about Pipefy.

19. Hiver

Hiver is a help desk application that fits neatly into Gmail’s User Interface to deliver rapid and efficient customer care automation. With Hiver, customer service teams can manage incoming questions and requests in shared inboxes. In addition, support staff have access to cutting-edge data for monitoring team efficiency and streamlining internal procedures through automated workflows. Hiver’s features ensure your customers get an even better experience.

Learn more about Hiver.

20. HelpShift

Helpshift is the most effective software for mobile app support services. A user may get “in-app assistance” from any help resource without switching applications. While there are variations, most in-app help functions as a chat feature. Helpshift stands out regarding in-app support, primarily concentrating on offering in-app assistance for mobile devices.

Helpshift features flexible, use-based pricing to guarantee your team only pays for what you need. Users also get quick setup and substantial assistance from the company’s staff. Helpshift is a wonderful solution for businesses that want to include in-app support on their mobile platforms.

Learn more about HelpShift.

21. HelpSpot

HelpSpot is perfect for small customer support teams who wish to learn more about essential customer service technologies. HelpSpot offers a basic help desk, ticketing system, and reporting tools that are all universally relevant regardless of your firm’s industry. HelpSpot can also send out client satisfaction surveys, allowing your staff to gather feedback and enhance customer experience.

Learn more about HelpSpot.

22. Hesk

Hesk is a cloud-based ticketing system with an intuitive setup and superb usability. The platform helps your team create new ticket fields and adjust feature configurations so that the interface matches the agent’s workflow. Hesk also features a ticket submission mechanism where clients may generate web-based tickets and submit them to any available agent. This feature enables efficient issue resolution for customers while removing a laborious process for the support agent.

Learn more about Hesk.

23. WotNot

With WotNot, you can use chatbots to automate customer interactions at scale. Wotnot’s innovative chatbots may help you increase sales leads, streamline scheduling, and streamline support for your growing client base. Businesses use WotNot businesses to provide potential and current consumers with a more individualized service. Wotnot works well in many industries, including banking, real estate, insurance, finance, healthcare, automotive, and SaaS.

The no-code chatbot builder from WotNot has a simple visual interface that makes creating bots a breeze. You may also manage several chatbots for various tasks depending on the triggers and circumstances you set. In addition, WotNot provides a service whereby their team of conversation design professionals will build a conversation flow tailored to your company’s requirements and then optimize it regularly.

Learn more about WotNot.

24. Deskero

If your customer care staff predominantly functions via email, Deskero makes it simple to transition from a regular email to a shared inbox solution. The program offers an email integration capability to import emails into Deskero and instantly turn them into tickets. If you are worried about switching to a shared inbox because you have open cases in your existing one, you can rest well knowing every interaction will be transferred over and simple to access.

Learn more about Deskero.

25. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a customer service software widely used by small companies. Although Zoho’s CRM tool gets more attention, the company also offers a support desk application. Zoho Desk’s features include a group email inbox, phone integration, and real-time chatting. However, the chat function is only available on the top-tier plan. The software has robust ticket tracking, job automation, and performance reporting tools in addition to standard helpdesk functionality that may expedite your team’s support activities. Zoho Desk is popular because it allows you to provide multichannel assistance to clients in several languages through email, social media, live chat, online forms, and telephone.

When it comes to integrating with the rest of your IT infrastructure, Zoho Desk has you covered there, too. Team management tools, such as time monitoring, are available for organizations with several members. The firm also provides AI options for self-service. However, that function is exclusive to the highest-cost package.

Learn more about Zoho Desk.

26. Help Scout

Help Scout is a comprehensive customer care platform that allows support teams to offer email, self-service, and live chat assistance from one centralized system. Beacon, a chat widget developed by Help Scout, enables users to ask questions, look up answers, and start a chat session without leaving the current page or app.

Help Scout works excellently for budding customer support teams to provide email and chat support using a centralized helpdesk platform. The software has incredible features like ticket routing and prioritization, job automation, agent performance statistics, collision detection, and answer templates. Moreover, Help Scout allows you to tailor your helpdesk to include just the primary functions used by your company’s support staff.

Learn more about Help Scout.

27. Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, a company’s customer service correspondence condenses into a single inbox. Regardless of the channel via which a client first contacts support, Freshdesk unifies all those interactions into a single-threaded discussion, making monitoring ongoing threads and remembering past conversations simple. Freshdesk also offers a mobile interface, so agents can reply to tickets even when they are not at the office or near their laptops. If you are exploring free customer service software, you should consider Freshdesk.

Learn more about FreshDesk.


Each customer service software has its own capabilities, and it is up to you to choose which ones are essential for your company. Small company owners may improve their customer service, response times, and overall satisfaction by using software designed specifically for this purpose. Whether you use automated customer care or not, quickly resolving your customers’ issues is a great way to boost their satisfaction.

For more resources, browse these books on customer service and customer experience.

FAQ: Customer service software

Here are frequently asked questions about customer service software.

What is customer service software?

Customer service software are platforms that allow you to quickly address your customer’s complaints and provide vital information about your services. These platforms can boost customer satisfaction and retention rates.

What is the best customer service software?

The best customer service software include TeamSupport, Help Sprout, and WotNot.

What are good tools for providing customer support?

Some good tools for providing customer support include Podium, Kustomer, and Hiver. Some of these tools help to automate customer service and simplify the messaging process.

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