Updated: August 23, 2023

19 Best Help Scout Alternatives for Helpdesk Support

You found our list of the best Help Scout alternatives.

Help Scout alternatives are software solutions for customer support or customer experience management. Like Help Scout, these apps specialize in social media management, knowledge base, and multilingual support. Examples of Help Scout alternatives include Enchant, Zendesk, Chatbox, Hubspot Suite, and Kayako. Help Scout alternatives aim to provide a more suitable solution to business needs.

Help Scout alternatives are types of customer service software and community building software. These options are similar to Zendesk alternatives, Freshdesk Alternatives, Intercom Alternatives, and customer service companies.

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List of Help Scout alternatives

Several organizations use Help Scout because of the user-friendly interface and responsive agents. However, some users prefer other apps because business needs vary from organization to organization. Here is a list of software like Help Scout that delivers first-rate services.

1. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is among the top Help Scout competitors that facilitates seamless interactions between businesses and their customers. LiveAgent offers businesses a comprehensive approach to managing customer inquiries. Features include real-time live chat, an efficient ticketing system, call center integration, and social media connectivity.

The platform’s email management and knowledge base capabilities enhance communication and self-service options while automation streamlines processes. By providing insights through reporting and analytics, LiveAgent empowers businesses to monitor performance and continually improve their customer support services. The platform is a valuable tool for businesses aiming to provide consistent and responsive customer interactions across multiple channels.

Learn more about LiveAgent.

2. UVdesk

UVdesk is a comprehensive customer support suite. This platform offers businesses the means to enhance their customer engagement and streamline support interactions. Through its help desk and ticketing system, UVdesk centralizes and prioritizes customer inquiries. The program’s knowledge base and community forums provide self-service resources and foster user engagement.

Additionally, UVdesk’s integration with multiple channels, including email and chat, enables seamless communication. Automation features streamline routine tasks, and the platform’s reporting and analytics allow businesses to monitor ticket trends and agent performance. UVdesk is an optimal choice for businesses seeking to provide holistic customer support that promotes engagement and efficient problem-solving.

Learn more about UVdesk.

3. Re:amaze

Re:amaze facilitates seamless communication and interactions between businesses and their customers. With live chat functionality, email management, and social media integration, Re:amaze enables real-time engagement across multiple channels. Utilizing chatbots for automated responses, the platform enhances customer service efficiency.

Reporting and analytics provide insights into performance metrics and conversation trends. Additionally, collaborative features enable internal communication for efficient issue resolution. Re:amaze’s multi-channel support ensures that businesses can interact with customers from any location. This feature makes the platform an excellent choice for businesses seeking comprehensive and effective customer engagement solutions.

Learn more about Re:amaze.

4. TeamSupport

TeamSupport is dedicated to providing customer-focused service to businesses through a comprehensive support system. With a focus on B2B support, the platform offers ticketing management, messaging, and live chat for real-time assistance. The success rating feature allows businesses to gauge customer satisfaction. Also, insights and analytics provide a means to monitor performance metrics and gather valuable feedback.

Customizable workflow options align with specific business needs, and collaboration tools foster teamwork for efficient issue resolution. Data security and compliance measures ensure the protection of sensitive information. TeamSupport is well-suited for businesses aiming to excel in B2B customer service. Users will love the range of features that enhance support management and overall customer satisfaction.

Learn more about TeamSupport.

5. Enchant

If you are looking for a more adaptable and omnichannel, then Enchant is a fantastic alternative. Enchant’s user-friendliness has been meticulous and intentional since its inception. If you are comfortable with simple apps like Gmail, then you will feel at home with the Enchant interface. The learning curve has little room for error. With the integrated automation and collaboration feature, your employees can provide quality customer service.

Several users can use Enchant simultaneously, accessing email inboxes with shared folders. This program accommodates team members from three to 300. You can receive immediate help via integrated chat support and the FAQ section. This tool is an excellent option for users who prefer to avoid engaging an agent. Furthermore, Enchant provides thorough research and detailed reporting.

Enchant does not need users to register or provide ticket numbers. You can control several labels and divisions from one central hub. Furthermore, Enchant allows the integration of apps like Shopify and Slack. The tool supports about 20 languages.

Check out Enchant.

6. ChatBot

ChatBot is a no-code chatbot builder that allows users to drag and drop conversations into a workflow. This visual platform helps users easily create intuitive chats for customers. Further, users can ensure their conversations flow effectively through the chatbot testing tool and customizable widget.

ChatBot makes it easy for businesses with little technical expertise to build a seamless and responsive system. For example, users can choose from premade templates to craft their conversations. Plus, the platform offers ChatBot academy, which helps users master the skill of bot creation. For firms looking for a user-friendly chatting system, be sure to check out ChatBot.

Check out ChatBot.

7. Missive

Missive is a great alternative to Help Scout with features like inboxes, live chat, and reply templates. The platform is more flexible, offering more features and integrations with tools like Grammarly and OpenAI.

Missive has a classic email client layout and superior search. The filter function helps users seamlessly keep track of discussions and locate specific messages. This application also supports custom labels that keep the focus on your correspondence. In addition, Missive’s feature-rich email service helps you manage many email accounts from a single screen.

Although Help Scout is a web or mobile app, Missive provides a native app for various devices. As a result, the software has a uniform experience for all communications. If you use Missive, then you will not have to switch between several apps for messaging.

Check out Missive.

8. Stonly

Stonly has a cutting-edge, interactive knowledge base that first-time users will find very helpful. Recent reports show that consumers prefer using knowledge bases to calling a support representative. In addition, Stonly allows you to build a database of useful information, increasing the number of satisfied self-service visitors to your site.

This database management system creates dynamic self-service instead of traditional articles. Therefore, this program provides users with information to fix problems independently, cutting down on support requests.

Check out Stonly.

9. Chatdesk

Chatdesk is a great choice if you want to outsource your customer service department. You will get a help desk connecting you with live agents in the United States who can respond in real time. Unlike other systems, Chatdesk has tools across several channels, including TikTok and Instagram, email, text message, and live chat. You can get up and running in seven days or less with the support of the expert onboarding staff.

The Chatdesk platform offers a team of brand-loyal professionals. These US-based agents assist customers and drive conversions. You also enjoy call deflection and similar technologies that redirect customers to self-service resources, lowering incoming support requests. In addition, Chatdesk has no up-front charges. Instead, fees are due when a ticket closes.

Check out Chatdesk.

10. Drift

Drift differs from other Help Scout options because the software focuses on sales. The tool emphasizes how client experience can boost business revenue growth. Thus, Drift gives you access to extras like the Virtual Selling Assistant, Drift Prospector, and Drift Intel.

The live view functionality is the single feature that sets Drift apart from Help Scout. This live view function provides real-time data on website visitors, creating a perfect opportunity to connect. Using Drift Insight, you can identify qualified prospects and engage them. Thus, visitors can receive a personalized greeting instead of a generic message.

Drift Virtual Selling Assistant answers inquiries while being a personal concierge in meetings. Also, with patent-protected artificial intelligence, the program picks up new skills. For example, the AI listens to your agents’ interactions with clients. The application also uses purchasing signals from contacts and accounts to generate an engagement score. Then, the engagement score helps you determine which account needs more attention.

Check out Drift.

11. Gist

Gist provides a concise overview that meets a company’s CRM needs. The entry-level price plan is worth considering if you want to establish a customer service presence. Higher Gist plans facilitate sharing to platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you use these platforms already, then Gist will increase your reach and boost your online visibility. The modern customer, after all, typically expects more than real-time chit-chat.

Gist is great for a small business with one to 50 members. The users can also enjoy a free trial of Gist. Also, you can follow up with new leads directly on the platform.

Check out Gist.

12. Zoho Desk

If your company uses a ticketing system for customer care requests, then you should look into Zoho Desk. This software is one of the top free Help Scout alternatives. With Zoho Desk, you can combine customer relationship management and ticketing systems. In addition, the software streamlines interactions by providing features like automatic tagging, pre-written responses, and a time log.

Zoho Desk also has a context-aware application powered by artificial intelligence. Contact management and omnichannel client engagements are ideal for mid-sized organizations. You can also alter the appearance and color of your user interface to match your brand identity.

Check out Zoho Desk.

12. Kayako

Kayako offers a more conventional approach to customer service. The platform consolidates your conversations with the individual consumer across all channels. The bottom line is you create a single conversation thread.

Therefore, you can rest assured the platform will deliver a more customized experience that integrates data from third-party sources. For instance, Kayako users can view customer page views and purchase history. Overall, Kayako centralizes communication.

If you are looking for free Help Scout alternatives for newbies, then Kayako is a safe bet.

Check out Kayako.

13. Front

If you opt for Front, then you will spend little time learning the ropes. The software incorporates individual and group inboxes into one convenient location. The tool works with preferred methods of communication. Users can also benefit from Front’s customer analytics, automated workflows, and integrations.

Front is a viable alternative to Help Scout if your team uses cooperative problem-solving to address most requests. If your team has specific requirements, then you can customize the software. Consumers who want fast service on all fronts can depend on this tool for effective collaboration.

Check out Front.

14. ThriveDesk

ThriveDesk offers customer support for SaaS and e-commerce firms. One key advantage of this software is its powerful automation features. The platform automates tasks, from routing tickets to assigning tasks to specific team members. This approach can help your business streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

ThriveDesk also offers robust reporting and analytics. The platform provides real-time insights into customer interactions. With this feature, you can track your performance and identify areas for improvement. Reporting and analytics can help your business make data-driven decisions, improving customer experience.

Check out ThriveDesk.

15. Hubspot Suite

The HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service tool in the HubSpot CRM suite. HubSpot facilitates the onboarding of new users. The tools also scale support efforts by integrating ticketing and help desk solutions. All customer tickets go to one place, giving agents instant access to data like ticket status and average resolution times.

This hub is an effective alternative to Help Scout in the help desk software market. HubSpot Suite has a larger suite of products. Because the support team is a part of the larger HubSpot suite, your company can use the same systems for sales and marketing.

Check out Hubspot Suite.

16. Freshdesk

Help Scout has a formidable competitor in Freshdesk because the user interface is cleaner and more intuitive. First, you can distribute requests automatically using specific criteria. Some popular criteria categories are agent expertise, load balance, and randomization. Then, you can access resources that ease communication and coordination between remote and on-site workers.

With Freshdesk, you can track email support tickets with automated replies. Furthermore, users can access the information database independently. Also, your customers can interact with an artificial intelligence bot, getting immediate responses when human agents are at capacity.

Freshdesk has a simple setup yet powerful capabilities. For example, Freshdesk’s integrations make it a comprehensive customer service solution. If your business still requires advanced features, then Freshdesk is a solid alternative to Help Scout.

Check out Freshdesk.

17. Freshservice

Freshservice provides a centralized repository for all IT assets. These assets include hardware, software, and licenses. Thus, you track and manage assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to retirement. Also, Freshservice offers incident management functionality. This feature allows IT teams to respond to incidents and cut adverse impacts.

With the all-in-one approach, the software provides real-time insights into service performance. This feature allows you to identify trends, measure progress, and make data-driven decisions.

Check out Freshservice.

18. ProProfs

If you are looking for apps like Help Scout, then consider ProProfs Help Desk. ProProfs shares a comparable price with Help Scout but has extra functionalities. For instance, this tool has internal notes, custom fields, ticket labels, and internal chat. After solving a problem, you can send your customers an automatic survey on ProProfs. In addition, the platform allows you to sort pending issues into high-, medium-, or low-priority tickets to offer excellent customer service and resolve issues promptly.

Check out ProProfs.

19. Intercom

Intercom is a contender customer support software and integrates with platforms like Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. The tool features two cutting-edge functions-custom bots and product tours. You can engage consumers and explain your solution with bespoke bots and product tours. Also, users can communicate with one another within the program.

The technology boasts efficient client experiences, making Intercom a good fit for businesses of all sizes. However, the functionalities favor e-commerce, healthcare, financial services, and education sectors. Thus, Intercom is a good option for SaaS companies with large sales and marketing budgets.

Check out Intercom.


Providing excellent service to your clients is a surefire way to retain their loyalty. Before selecting a Help Scout alternative, consider the customer service functionalities. The essential elements should also factor in your support staff. Customers will likely return if you offer them the features they value most. Some solutions may be more cumbersome, while others may be simple and adaptable. So, remember to opt for a tool that can provide the desired results at a reasonable cost.

To further improve your CX experience, be sure to check out these articles on customer service training programs, customer service quotes, and customer success books.

FAQ: Help Scout alternatives

Here are answers to questions on Help Scout alternatives.

What are Help Scout alternatives?

Help Scout is a customer support software with several amazing features, but the tool may not be the right fit for all firms. Help Scout alternatives perform similar functions but offer better solutions and more functionality. While most of these alternatives are software tools, no one-size-fits-all exists. Instead, the alternatives provide solutions for particular needs.

What is the purpose of Help Scout alternatives?

Help Scout alternatives aim to provide businesses with customer support solutions. The idea is to improve customer service and manage customer interactions. These alternatives offer ticket management, email integration, and automation. Additionally, these options have unique features that cater to specific business needs. By exploring Help Scout alternatives, you can find a platform that best fits your customer service goals and budget.

What is the purpose of Help Scout alternatives?

Help Scout alternatives aim to provide businesses with customer support solutions. The idea is to improve customer service and manage customer interactions. These alternatives offer ticket management, email integration, and automation. Additionally, these options have unique features that cater to specific business needs. By exploring Help Scout alternatives, you can find a platform that best fits your customer service goals and budget.

What are some good Help Scout alternatives?

While Help Scout remains a top choice in the market, several great Help Scout alternatives exist. Some other options include ThriveDesk, Gist, ChatBox, and Intercom.

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