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Virtual Team Building Apps: #1 List of Tools & Software

This page includes a list of virtual team building apps.

Virtual team building apps are software applications that facilitate team bonding and communication. For example, Know Your Team and Good & Co. The purpose of these apps is to connect and bond with remote coworkers.

These apps are a subset of virtual team building activities and virtual team building companies, and are similar to team building apps.

Specifically, this list includes:

  • apps for virtual team building
  • virtual team building tools
  • virtual team building software

So, here’s the list of apps!

List of virtual team building apps

From apps that take your team on wild scavenger hunts to ones that arrange cross-departmental coffee dates, this is our list of the best virtual team building apps.

1.  Know Your Team

Know Your Team is a tool that helps managers reach out and communicate with the team. Not only does this app set up one-on-one meetings with agenda templates, but it also has a plethora of questions for checking up on and getting feedback from your people. Know Your Team is valuable for managers who wish to dial in on how the team is doing, but do not know the right questions to ask. This app’s ability to strengthen your management skills is crucial because a close, cohesive team often starts with good leadership from the top.

Try out Know Your Team.

2. Gatheround

Gatheround is an app that helps you hold guided conversation games online. This virtual meeting app has a set of games for getting people talking and connecting with each other. Icebreaker’s strength lies in its flexibility. Not only can you hold group chats, watch videos together, or host speakers, but you can also engage team members in one-on-one with games that automatically pair people up in smaller meetings. Because everything is guided, you will not be at a loss of what to share, making this an amazing virtual team building experience for everyone.

Check out Gatheround.

3. Good & Co

Want to learn how your team could work better together? Good & Co uses personality assessments to determine your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and general persona. Through these data points, Good & Co measures how well different team members work together and how compatible everyone’s personalities are. Good & Co makes for stellar team building software because it helps you improve your communication and collaboration with fellow team members by learning how each person works best.

Take a Good & Co quiz.

4. Donut

If your team uses Slack, then Donut is a wonderful app for virtual team building for you. Donut pairs up remote workers for online coffees or lunch dates. This setup gives team members the opportunity to get to know each other better, even if those folks are based in different countries or belong to departments that rarely interact. Companies can also use Donut to arrange mentoring or job shadowing, which shares knowledge and fosters connections between your people.

Add Donut to Slack and check out more Slack apps.

5. Moove

Moove is a suite of online team building games that you can tailor-make for your team. With activities such as Treasure Hunt, Escape Game, City Tour, and an augmented reality challenge, your team gets plenty of different opportunities and ways to bond. By streamlining the team building game creation process, Moove provides a fun opportunity for your team to cooperate, communicate, and problem solve together.

Schedule a Moove demo.

6. Beekeeper

Does your organization have employees who do not work at a desk? Beekeeper facilitates communication between HQ and team members out in the field. Not only does Beekeeper increase productivity by letting you easily reach and coordinate with remote team members, but this virtual team building software also boosts employee engagement by sharing company resources and letting HR easily check in with team members.

Take Beekeeper for a spin.

7. Wealthy Walrus

Wealthy Walrus is an app for virtual team building that asks coworkers whether each person would undertake absurd tasks for huge sums of money. Because of the nature of the questions, you end up learning a lot about your team’s preferences and quirky personalities. Wealthy Walrus is also sure to provide an instant icebreaker the next time coworkers meet, which helps build bonds between your people.

Download Wealthy Walrus on Android and iOS.

8. TurfHunt

TurfHunt is a virtual treasure hunt that uses geolocation to unlock challenges. After signing up, design your own questions and exercises and invite your team to play. TurfHunt encourages your team to venture outdoors and work together to complete the game. While employees who are spread across faraway locations may not be able to participate, if your people work from home in the same city, TurfHunt is a fun option for bringing everyone together to discover more about the city they call home.

Get TurfHunt and check out more scavenger hunt apps.

9. HeyTaco!

One way to increase employee retention, engagement, and motivation is to publicly recognize your people’s achievements. HeyTaco! does just that by letting your team celebrate each other’s accomplishments through giving virtual tacos. Not only do these tacos signify how much you appreciate your teammates, but each taco is also redeemable for custom prizes. HeyTaco! is another superb Slack app for virtual team building because it helps underscore company culture and values, while also making your work feel worthwhile and forging a more close-knit team.

Install HeyTaco! for Slack and check out more employee engagement tools.


Apps offer an easy way to facilitate ongoing team building in online offices. These tools allow for asynchronous team bonding and can help strengthen relationships between distanced coworkers.

For more team tech tricks, check out this list of virtual events platforms and Zoom apps.

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FAQ: Virtual team building apps

Here are some common questions about virtual team building apps that help your team connect.

What are virtual team building apps?

Virtual team building apps are software applications that help your team get to know each other better. Usually, these apps accomplish this through playing games or by encouraging your team to step out of their comfort zone.

What are the best apps for virtual team building?

The best apps for virtual team building include

  • Gahteround
  • Good & Co
  • Donut
  • HeyTaco!

Based on the examples above, the best virtual team building apps are ones that promote communication and collaboration between employees, while also giving your team a good time.

Do virtual team building apps actually work?

Yes, virtual team building apps work. For those who are new to virtual team building, these apps provide the guidance to help you build bridges and bonds between your people. Regularly conducting these team building events are important for inspiring productivity and engagement among your employees.

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